The Journal of Cardiovascular Aging

Towards a BETter understanding of cardiac fibrosis

Pharmacological inhibition of chromatin remodeling enzymes reduces cardiac fibrosis, but the underlying transcriptional regulatory mechanisms remain poorly understood. Using single-cell genomics to profile alterations in the transcriptional and chromatin landscape during stress-induced cardiac remodeling, Alexanian et al. discovered a critical role for Mesenchyme Homeobox 1 in the regulation of myofibroblast activation and cardiac fibrosis.

Promoting healthy cardiovascular aging: emerging topics

Major manifestations of age-associated CV dysfunction that increase disease risk are vascular dysfunction, primarily vascular endothelial dysfunction and arterial stiffening, and elevated systolic blood pressure.

Biochemistry Researchers Repair and Regenerate Heart Muscle Cells

STEMIN and YAP5SA mmRNA improved cardiac function and myocardial fibrosis in left ventricles of infarcted adult mice. The combinatorial use of mmRNA encoding STEMIN and YAP5SA has the potential to become a powerful clinical strategy to treat human heart disease.

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